What can I say? Christian makes us look good. His keen eye and true grasp of the English language ensures that every piece of work that leaves the agency is buttoned up. Christian is especially good with our medical accounts, which can be very, very complicated. He’s a nice guy as well, who doesn’t bring … Continue reading Phil Hoch, Executive Creative Director, StoneArch

Phil Hoch, Executive Creative Director, StoneArch

In addition to his intellectual acumen, Christian has a deep understanding of the syntax, grammar, and history of the English language.

John Moberg, COO and Co-founder, Modern Climate

Christian is consistently professional and pleasant to work with. He demonstrates patience, good communication and a high level of attention to detail. His flexibility and ability to manage many tasks simultaneously make him a good asset to any organization. I am happy to recommend his proofreading and copy editing work.

Jennifer Abbey, Director of Project Management, Carmichael Lynch

I enjoy working with Christian and value his proofreading skills and thoughtful, relevant edits. He has a talent for editing in context and adjusting his level of review as needed. He is also a great resource when it comes to word usage and grammar, and goes above and beyond to meet project deadlines.

Sue Katula, Senior Strategist, StoneArch

“I’m bringing you to all my arguments.”

Lauren Hough

“I’ve enjoyed following you on Twitter for quite a while.”

Grammar Girl

“My ideal dinner companion.”

Benjamin Dreyer

(Something about fucking off.)

Andrew Breitbart