Best Buy

My work with Best Buy—through Modern Climate—was pretty straightforward: basic copy edit of all print and online documentation. One requirement was to play a little loose with the language, in order to represent the client as friendlier and accessible to its intended audience. This meant it was not feasible to strictly adhere to the formal … Continue reading Best Buy


Carlson is an international hospitality company and a Minnesotan institution. Originating with Curt Carlson’s innovative trading stamps concept, his company swiftly grew to expand and appropriate such successful franchises as Radisson and T.G.I. Friday’s. Carlson wanted to take over all construction and maintenance of their website (previously contracted to a third-party design group) and I … Continue reading Carlson


Through Celarity, I was contracted to Medtronic World Headquarters in Fridley, MN. I was given the opportunity to help design the role of Quality Assurance Tester on their internal (client-facing and health care professional) and external websites, in addition to my usual function as proofreader/copy editor. Fortuitously, I had prior experience not just in the … Continue reading Medtronic

St. Jude Medical

While contracted by Modern Climate, I had the opportunity to work extensively on St. Jude Medical promotions, publications, ad campaigns, seminars, &c. Editing for SJM necessitated an understanding of cardiac surgery and anatomy. Through self-directed research and discussion with the client, I assembled a comprehensive style sheet to enable me to copy edit their documentation … Continue reading St. Jude Medical

St. Luke’s

One of StoneArch‘s major clients was St. Luke’s, a hospital network based in Duluth, MN. Despite never having visited the hospital (three hours north of my home), I established relationships with the staff and gained strong familiarity with the facilities of the hospital proper and its many clinics in the region. I took some pride in … Continue reading St. Luke’s


Sherwin-Williams is a client of Hanley Wood, with whom I contracted briefly. They run an online magazine—STIR—for the paint/deco company and were in the process of migrating the entire database of this magazine from one server to another. My job was to ensure that no technical problems arose during the transition, to keep an eye … Continue reading Sherwin-Williams

Carmichael Lynch

Working with Carmichael Lynch (through The Creative Group) was a dynamic and highly creative experience, as evidenced by this fun campaign. The 2011 Mediocrity was a clever parody ad campaign that promoted the Subaru Legacy in contrast with a bland and unremarkable spread of sedans on the road today. The writers had a field day with … Continue reading Carmichael Lynch