Story Thus Far

Well, it’s not going terribly. Along with my semiannual revising of the passwords, I’ve also unsubscribed from a number of email lists and deactivated my accounts on a dozen websites and services. It feels good to clean that all out, even if it’s just an e-placebo effect. I like wrapping these things up and narrowing my online presence: I used to value having my name (what we now call a “brand”) everywhere, establishing an account before my friends showed up, always having been everywhere first.

The Internet is simply too large for that now, even if it’s effectively boiled down to just Facebook and Twitter. For security reasons, it’s better not to be so diffuse and thinly spread. And for my own reasons, for purposes of collecting my creative writing into two or three hubs instead of a dozen experimental forays. I’ve migrated all of my travel writing from Blogger and Travelpod to this site, which I’m pleased about but I’m far from done. I have unrecorded months to recreate and photos to geotag.

Work is going well: I had a professional editor tell me I’m doing good work in a difficult profession, which endorsement I tuck close to my heart rather than flaunting for status. I’ve updated our college’s style guide and made some recommendations, which have been implemented almost entirely. That’s good work. I’m also expanding my training from HTML to Drupal, pouring more effort into copywriting, and apparently I’ve been buttonholed into video editing and interviewing, which hints at great things to come! On my own I’m taking courses on critical thinking, which I believe everyone should.

I’m still working on this site, and I’m still plugging away at my real life, and I’m still attempting to hobnob with the celebrities and elites of my profession, insofar as social media will allow. All that’s left is to plan another trip overseas…

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