Busy Elsewhere

I’m doing lots of writing. I haven’t touched my travel journal in about a year, let’s say, and I haven’t done any writing here that I’d shape up for publication.

But I do have another blog where I’m challenging myself to stick to as close to a story-a-day project as I can. Sometimes that means missing a day, sometimes it produces two in a day. The genre is a strain of adult-oriented fiction, however, so I can’t really point anyone to it. I can say that I’m writing my ass off there, have been for months, and recently picked up Ursula K. LeGuin’s excellent guide to style and writing to push me further in the craft. To this end, I’m kinda attracting a small writing group: two compatriots have also picked up copies of this book and we’re challenging each other to produce. It’s a good time.

Tonight, Google Play Music clued me in to a band I’m really enjoying, Elsiane, which seems to have been best known around 2008. Of course I missed out, again, but I’m enjoying exploring their work, and that’s what I’m writing to tonight.

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