Carmichael Lynch

Screenshot of the Subaru Mediocrity parody site.Working with Carmichael Lynch (through The Creative Group) was a dynamic and highly creative experience, as evidenced by this fun campaign. The 2011 Mediocrity was a clever parody ad campaign that promoted the Subaru Legacy in contrast with a bland and unremarkable spread of sedans on the road today. The writers had a field day with generating highly comical content, and my tasks were to ensure all the T’s were crossed, all I’s dotted, and that the site would look and function exactly as we intended it to.

The expansion of my duties with Carmichael Lynch entailed assisting with copywriting to a limited degree, working closely with the resident Subaru expert to enforce accuracy in everything from media releases to prime time commercials. This contract is also where I broke into QA testing the site in development for web and mobile use. On the side, I advised some aspiring content managers against using Wikipedia as a marketing tool.

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