Screenshot of old Carlson homepage, featuring TGI Fridays property.Carlson is an international hospitality company and a Minnesotan institution. Originating with Curt Carlson’s innovative trading stamps concept, his company swiftly grew to expand and appropriate such successful franchises as Radisson and T.G.I. Friday’s.

Carlson wanted to take over all construction and maintenance of their website (previously contracted to a third-party design group) and I was called in to not just assist in overseeing the transfer, but to clean up all typographical and functional errors on the site. My interests in social media served me here, as I pointed out a need for greater interaction during an increasingly popular sci-fi convention at their local hotel, and I supplied impromptu technical advisory and in-depth troubleshooting of unforeseen issues. In particular, I worked intensively on their interactive Google Maps application and confirmed several overseas properties’ coordinates by communicating with foreign GMs. This assignment also gave me an opportunity to develop my proficiency with Google Analytics and SEO planning. The Creative Group provided me this contract.

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