My wife and I are packing up our apartment and getting ready to store, donate, or recycle all of our property: in four weeks we’ll board a plane to take us to Denpasar, Indonesia, where we’ll attain TESOL certification to teach English and then look for teaching jobs in South Korea. (Actually, I hope to find an editing or QA position with a marketing or PR firm, but we’ll see.)

I owned the domain but decided to let that go and not renew it: I don’t need to maintain that website when I have this account, and I don’t need to advertise myself in the States when I’m going overseas. There are other reasons why it’s useful to let that domain go and maintain this one, but perhaps those will come up later.

As for now, I’ve transferred all the information from that website to (Tough Love Edit, former website) so they’re pretty similar. The most important things to preserve are the resume and portfolio, really, and that’s done. But will I be any better about updating this blog than I had been about the other? Time will tell, I suppose.

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