Visa Application

Still working on building this place up. Just added another project to my Portfolio, one I’m particularly proud of, and added the Resources page as a toolbox for editorial/literature resources. Always handy to have that on hand.

Drove out to Chicago last Sunday, just got back last night. There, my wife and I applied for our limited visas to Indonesia, for working for four weeks and vacationing a few more. We got that out of the way, but there’s much more stress ahead in the planning of this excursion we call our “Grand Adventure.” In one month we’ll be well into our intensive course on becoming better English language instructors. I can’t imagine what that’ll be like, it is so far removed from anything familiar in my life, but I look forward to it.

And next year I’ll be working (or looking for work) in South Korea. This is perhaps the largest unknown variable in the equation, but I’m making an effort to cause it to materialize and solidify.

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