Poor Timing?

Things are moving along swiftly and are about to wrap up: in four days, my wife and I will be flying to Denpasar, Indonesia, and we’ll begin training to teach English. We got our passports back in the mail from the Indonesian Consulate in Chicago, all visa’ed up, and we sold the car yesterday morning. We have one load of “solid waste” (computers/electronics) to haul out of our former apartment and we’ll be completely vacated. We’re living out of our backpacks already and the reality of leaving this nation is starting to pronounce itself more prominently in our consciousness. It’s such a big concept, you see, it’s hard to bear in mind and live with, but soon it will, of course, be inescapable.

And I’m still getting job offers. That’s sweet. I love how people are finding me through various sources and are still e-mailing me and calling me to offer me some very interesting positions! I love that I’m considered viable and desirable. I don’t love that I have to turn them all down, but I do love that I’m going to tour and live in foreign nations for a couple years. I hope everyone still thinks I’m worthwhile when I return.

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